The Kids First Fund helps abused and abandoned children. We protect children from abuse. We empower young adults with a positive future. We strengthen families. We build awareness of child abuse. We operate in countries where resources are very limited. Current projects provide support for children the eastern European countries of Latvia and Moldova.

The Kids First Fund supports programs to educate child welfare professionals such as police officers, judges, social workers and prosecutors on child abuse issues. Direct assistance is also provided to centers providing care for abused children. The Kids First Fund is a very efficient non-profit organization and does not incur any expenses since all staffing and services are donated.

The Kids First Fund is incorporated as a non-profit 501-c-3 organization meeting all requirements of the IRS. Donors may contact the Kids First Fund to request a copy of the ruling and the IRS identification number. Donations to The Kids First Fund are tax-deductible. The organization has an international board of directors comprised of persons who support fund raising activities in the U.S. and monitor the delivery of services in Latvia and Moldova.

The Kids First Fund, Inc.
1916 East Kensington Blvd.
Shorewood, WI 53211 USA

Telephone: 414-961-1939

Please send e-mails using this format: "Sorensen" followed by