Message from the President:

Thank you for visiting our Internet site! The Kids First Fund was founded to serve children who are orphans, handicapped, sexually abused, physically abused and pregnant teenagers. These children are the "forgotten" members of our society. We concentrate our efforts in the places where the challenge is greatest; in the developing countries and economies of our world.

I have three very personal motivations for starting the Kids First Fund, called Anton, Aleksei and Annika. My wife and I adopted Anton and Aleksei at the age of 18 months from Latvia. Since then our family has been blessed by the arrival of Annika, our little girl from Korea. I started the Kids First Fund as a tool to "give back" and to recognize the blessings our family has received. I want to be remembered by my kids as a dad who saw injustices in the world and worked to help children. This is a very personal mission.

Everyone associated with the Kids First Fund donates their time and resources to helping kids. We don't spend money on salaries, offices or fund-raising, which means that virtually every dollar donated goes to helping the kids. For example, the development work for our Internet site, and its hosting, is donated by supporters.