The Kids First Fund has delivered the following results since it’s founding in 1999:

  • Funds raised 1999 through 2008: $394,413
  • Program expenditures 1999 through 2008: $276,646
  • Project examples: Renovation of social hall and residences for children, purchase of athletic equipment, field trips and outings, training and education for center staff, social worker and psychologist salary subsidies, operating support for abused pregnant teenager home, conference material printing and hall rentals for educational seminars
  • Direct assistance for the care of abused children: Approximately 745 children have received services since 2000
  • Professionals, such as police officers, doctors, legislators, judges and prosecutors, reached via the seminar series since 2001: 420
  • Amount deducted in U.S. for overhead, salaries, fundraising and administration: $0

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